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Mandatory Discloser


Four Year B.Tech (Bachelor Degree Course) or Two Year M.Tech (PG Degree Course)

 BRANCH YOU CAN OPT FOR JEE 12th Management Quota Total
 Computer Science and Engineering 25 26 9 60 Seats
 Electronics & Communication Engineering 25 26 9 60 Seats
 Mechanical Engineering 51 51 18 120 Seats
 Electrical Engineering 51 51 18 120 Seats
 Civil Engineering 51 51 18 120 Seats
 M.Tech Computer Science       18 Seats
 M.Tech Electronic & Communication       18 Seats
 TOTAL 203 205 72 516 Seats


Three Years Engineering Diploma (Polytechnic)

 BRANCH BTER Jodhpur Management Quota TOTAL
 Polytechnic Mechanical 51 9 60 Seats
 Polytechnic Electrical 102 18 120 Seats
 Polytechnic Civil 51 9 60 Seats
 TOTAL     240 Seats


Staff & Faculty : GIET not only teaches the concept of outsourcing to its students but also practices it whenever required. For the core subjects we invite prominent personalities of industry and academics to impart knowledge of current happenings and their application. This is one of the most useful methodologies for students of GIET. We have been successful in creating an ambience that motivates our students to share and learn amongst each other. This learning includes the knowledge of outside world and how to manage the problems with the optimum utilization of resources. Learning of this kind takes place by the formation of formal as well as informal groups amongst students including the formation of various clubs. Students go for camping, adventure trips, meditation camps etc. We also promote informal groups to organize these events so that students can learn all the aspects of management practically. The conventional aids of teaching i.e. white boards are part of each and every class room.

List of Faculty